As a composer I work with the sounds of materials. Recently I’ve been interested in the sounds and situations where wood, coal and oil are formed, extracted (forestry, mining), used as energy (heating, transport, industry), used as commercial products (packaging, chemicals, plastics) and where they disperse (as carbon compounds and microplastics). I’ve recorded and gathered sounds from coal power plants in Finland, coal mines in Pennsylvania, packaging materials in supermarkets, cosmetics with petrochemical by-products, forest logging and British historical coal-powered steam engines.

My orchestral work gained a recommendation at the prestigious International Rostrum of Composers in 2019 in Argentina. I’ve been commissioned by the Gaudeamus Muziekweek (The Netherlands), Royaumont (France) and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. My works have been programmed at the most prominent new music festivals around the world, such as Eclat (Stuttgart), ISCM World Music Days (Auckland), Archipel (Geneva) and the Mise-en Music Festival (New York). In 2018 Mise-en ensemble performed my works in a portrait concert in South Korea (Seoul). My artistic work is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation in 2019-2021.

I studied with Veli-Matti Puumala at the Sibelius Academy and privately with Georges Aperghis in Paris and supplemented my studies in masterclasses with Helmut Lachenmann, Georg Friedrich Haas and Hans Abrahamsen. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in composition at the Sibelius Academy, focusing on material ecology.

I’ve worked with Klangrauschen ensemble (Kiel), Ensemble Lemniscate (Basel), Ensemble Schwerpunkt (Hannover), Defunensemble (FI), Dal Niente (Chicago), Uusinta Ensemble (FI), Curious Chamber Players (Stockholm), Avanti! Chamber Orchestra (FI), Alter Face (ES), Helsinki Chamber Choir (FI), Gageego! (Gothenburg), Lapland Chamber Orchestra (FI), Nyky Ensemble (FI) and Hyvinkää Orchestra (FI) as well as soloists such as Yumi Suehiro (US), Janne Valkeajoki (FI), Tomeu Moll-Mas (ES), Lucy Abrams-Husso (US/FI), Saar Berger (DE), Markus Hohti (FI), Marco Blaauw (DE), Emil Holmström (FI), Lauri Sallinen (FI), Kaisa Kortelainen (FI), Tinna Torsteinsdottir (IS), Stephanie Chua (CAN), Väinö Jalkanen (FI), Mariann Marczi (HU), Risto-Matti Marin (FI), Antti Tikkanen (FI), Minna Pensola (FI) and conductors such as Hannu Lintu (FI), Dima Slobodeniouk (FI), Rei Munakata (SE), Nils Schweckendiek (FI), Dalia Stasevska (FI), Nazanin Aghakhani (AUT) and Ville Matvejeff (FI).

I have given guest lectures at the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe (Germany), the Liszt Academy of Music (Hungary), the Aalto University (FI) and at the Sibelius Academy (FI). I’ve given two masterclasses in composition, in Seoul (2018) and in Oulu (2020). I was the festival leader of the Ung Nordisk Musik in 2005-2010 and the artistic director of Uusinta Ensemble (FI) in 2012-2016. During 2017-19 I worked as a curator for the Tristero Piano Trio (FI) and since 2019 am the producer of the Klang Helsinki concert series.







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