Emil Holmström, Dima Slobodeniouk and Avanti! Chamber Orchestra performing Hypermarket and hypercommodity (2015) for piano, objects and chamber orchestra VIDEO LINK HERE

Yumi Suehiro performing Vanishing point (2013) for piano VIDEO LINK HERE

Kaisa Kortelainen performing All clouds are not data clouds (2018) for flute and electronics AUDIO LINK HERE

Sikri Lehko and Kaisa Kortelainen performing Everyday etudes no.1: garden (2015) for saxophone and gardening tools AUDIO LINK HERE

Tomeu Moll-Masperforming Vanishing point (2013) for piano AUDIO LINK HERE

Markus Hohti and Libero Mureddu performing Everyday etudes no.2: sleep (2016) for cello and electronics  AUDIO LINK HERE