Image by Eduard Lefler

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Hannu Lintu performing Black cloud, under ground (2018) for orchestra: VIDEO LINK HERE

Emil Holmström, Dima Slobodeniouk and Avanti! Chamber Orchestra performing Hypermarket and hypercommodity (2015) for piano, objects and chamber orchestra: VIDEO LINK HERE

Yumi Suehiro performing Vanishing point (2013) for piano: VIDEO LINK HERE

Tomeu Moll-Mas performing Vanishing point (2013) for piano: AUDIO LINK HERE

Markus Hohti and Libero Mureddu performing Traeumerei (2016) for cello and electronics: AUDIO LINK HERE

Sikri Lehko and Kaisa Kortelainen performing Everyday etudes no.1: garden (2015) for saxophone and gardening tools: AUDIO LINK HERE

Kaisa Kortelainen performing All clouds are not data clouds (2018) for flute and electronics: AUDIO LINK HERE